SHAQ:MUZIK: “Let Me in Your Heart Again”

SHAQ:MUZIK: “Let Me in Your Heart Again”

A new release from singer, songwriter, and producer, SHAQ: Muzik, entitled, “Let Me In Your Heart Again”, is a passionate plea for reconciliation, a theme not unfamiliar to many. The sensitivity of the lyrics is only second to the artists satin voice, and sensual vocal textures.

The tract is immersed in powerful harmonies, luxurious tones, and powerfully relentless emotions. With his desire to reunite with a true love he once celebrated, his longing to reconnect is deeply felt throughout the song. The song could easily be converted to a short film. The salacious sultry tones of the artist matches the instrumentals in this laid back ballad, giving the listener hope for a second chance. The artist clearly paints a vivid picture of his romantic intentions through his lyrics, and this is a song that will stand the test of time. Once you listen to it, you will definitely remember it, as it is classic, infectious, addictive and memorable. A very difficult task in this day and age where music hits come and go faster than movies in the theatre. This is a song you will be listening to for a very long time.

SHAQ:MUZIK is an incredibly talented artist who is has a beautiful falsetto, and who has a definite old school flavor and familiarity. Think of some of the superstars from the 80’s and 90’s, like Babyface, or Luthor Vandross with a modern day vibe. “Let Me In Your Heart Again” is a song that I think almost everyone can connect with, with it’s beautiful vocals and melodies, it’s identifiable message and its smooth delivery. I think it is commercially viable, radio friendly, and easily crossed borders with it’s story and message.

SHAQ:Muzik enjoys the thrill of creating music while producing and singing. This release follows his globally successful hit, “My One & Only Love”, which quickly gained popularity in the US and Europe. The artist is apparently a romantic which is a refreshing topic in a world where things often seem to have gone mad. With effortless hooks, you will be grooving with your loved one long after you reconcile, and will have the fondest of memories of the track that got you there.

For easy listening and perhaps a sexy evening filled with wine and love I suggest you check out this track. It’s a definite “mood” song, and a commercially friendly engagement, and remember to support indie artists and their music, as that is the only way really great music can de discovered which enables music aficionados to continuously expand their musical horizons with music from artists that really deserve attention, SHAQ:MUZIK is one of these artists. Download your copy today!


Addison Coleman

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