Scorpion Circles

It’s rare that an album can be so inspiring that you cannot say enough about the music. It’s rare that the listener can feel such intense passion listening to each, and every word in each and every song. Scorpion Circles is the type of album that grabs the listener from the drop of the first tune of music, and holds them tight in a passionate embrace that is unescapable.

The album opens with Firebombz, a track that is blessed by a hard hitting beat, and hard hitting lyrics. The album follows with Elephantightus which is equally a tight song, but it’s the next song that makes fans say damn. Sunwheel is the 3rd song on the release, and absolutely incredible. The beat is whimsically enchanting, and the lyrics are nothing but heat. This track should be released as a vinyl single. An assortment of tight songs follows, but its with track eleven that fans drop jaws once again. Scorpion Circles, the title track, is mind blowing. This needs to be on a compilation project, or a “A” side of a single because it’s the best track you’ve never heard. Fans will proclaim that Genelec & Memphis Reigns are the real deal after this track batters their ear drums. Next up is Chicken Soup which is the 3rd hottest track on the release, real hot despite its queer name. A laid back joint that takes your mind a drift, and makes you feel deep inside your soul. The lyrics are incredibly deep, and well received. The delivery is exceptional, and that makes a huge difference.

Genelec, and Memphis Reigns are incredible artists. Anyone who questions their talent should be hung. Their creativity is exceptionally deep, their lyrics are explosive, their style is unmatched, their passion is intense to the point you feel it in your bones, their hunger is feared, their beats are pure dope. Scorpion Circles is an exceptional introduction to these talented artists that fans will remember.

There are always downside’s to an album. The first is that it’s a HHI release, and unfortunately these folks went out of business which means you won’t find this album easily. This is probably the best album you will never hear. The second downside is that the artwork is really not informative. HHI did an excellent job at keeping artist contact information off the cover, and when you open the jacket there are shout outs, but nothing that really introduces fans more to the artists. You would think that on a release like this more information on the artists would be shared with the fans. The third downside is the interlude on track nine. Interludes are the worst idea ever conceived. Fans want a continous flow of music, interludes break up the flow. To this albums credit, the interlude is real tight, but fans would much rather have had a tight track replace the interlude. The fourth downside is that its only 13 tracks deep, only 12 full length tracks because of the interlude. This album could have been longer giving fans more for their hard earned cash.

Overall this is one incredible album that should be mandatory listening; however, consider yourself lucky if you can find a copy for sale somewhere. Genelec & Memphis Reigns are extremely talented, and hopefully they continue to create exceptional music for fans world wide to enjoy as it will be appreciated. As a fan your hurting yourself if your sleeping.

Track Listing

1. Firebombz

2. Elephantightus

3. Sunwheel

4. Anarchist Cookbook feat. Gamma Ray

5. Move feat. Dan J

6. Thunderbox feat. King 1

7. Organisms

8. Prepare (Interlude)

9. Offerings

10. Sakura

11. Scorpion Circles

12. Chicken Soup

13. Give & Take

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