Rising Artist Kacey Who Reignites the Rhythms of Summer

Kacey Who creates music that enlivens and relishes the aura, making every listener escape to cheerful and rhythmic times of a lost summer.

Bristol, United Kingdom- December 20th, 2020- A vibrant and emerging name in the D&B and Rap genres, Kacey Who is a stunning and splendid singer and songwriter. Bringing to life the spirit of urbane, rocking music, Kacey Who marked his awe-inspiring breakthrough with the debut single “Candy Canes”, which he released to much acclaim on the 15th of September 2020. This debut single highlights the true spirit and character that Kacey promises to add to today’s booming rap and R&B scene. The song’s instrumentation was originally composed by Kacey and a friend who is self-styled as “MAJESTY.” Coupling his friend’s rich and vibrant synths and orchestration with his own strong and provocative tones, Kacey produced a stunning single that reflects the duo’s strong artistic sense and finesse.

The song itself allows anyone listening it to retreat to the upbeat and bright views of the ocean and sunset. Kacey claims that this is a deliberate effort his song makes to relive a feeling of summer and joy that 2020 has been vacant of. Kacey’s upcoming release “Sixty-Two Proof” also promises to be an absolute masterpiece and was released on all major platforms on the 5th of December 2020. The much-awaited single is a collaborative effort between Kacey and another producer named Kocky. With this new mix, the duo are showcasing their D&B skills and rap abilities. The artwork for this song was originally drawn by Art of Shaun Talman, and the new single highlights bass and the use of rich tonal variations to complement lyrics. This will sure be one song to play full volume on your speakers!



Kacey Who is an independent singer from Bristol, United Kingdom who specializes in the genres of rap and R&B. Nomad at heart, he has always looked to the stars for guidance. Ascendant Moon in Leo (for those who know the stars), he spends his time making music. When he isn’t occupied with his music, Kacey studies Astrology and gives Natal Chart Readings based on the minute someone is born. He claims to have a strong predilection for the weird and wild side of the world.


Kacey Who
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Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Yg8Lw9A1l7osBEo05Ufk8?si=Z7CCmcOKS6awSIYlTZKZBA
Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/KaceyWho_Tw
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kaceywho_ig/?hl=en
Music Gateway https://www.musicgateway.com/blog/best-music-spotlight/kacey-who-candy-canes-prolonging-that-feel-good-summer-vibe-out-now


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