Rapper Lee Adrian Tells Fans To ‘Mark My Words’ In Latest Album Release

Atlanta, Georgia — Monday, December 21st, 2020 — Come ride the new wave that Lee Adrian brings with his latest album, “Mark My Words”. He is known as the gift that keeps on giving with his message and musical ability. From Houston to Atlanta, Lee Adrian is raw and uncut with the bars yet smooth in his demeanor. His recent album shows this as it varies from a melodic, lyrical approach to a catchy, upbeat vibe.

If you prefer lyrical rappers, but also enjoy artists who ride the beat then you will appreciate what Lee Adrian does with his latest album, “Mark My Words”. Lee Adrian made the choice to create his own sound while still channeling his favorite rappers Tupac, Biggie, and Jay Z. Each song on the album has its own unique story but flows together to create a bigger message.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic affected the music industry both physically and financially, Lee Adrian still found a way to make music, grow his fan-base, and give back to the community. In the initial lockdown, he recorded over 20 songs in a two-month span which led to his latest album release. Even after being personally affected by the pandemic, Lee Adrian still found a way to market himself through Facebook ads, media blogs, and even billboards. His work ethic is what makes him a legendary artist in the making.

As fans enjoy a multitude of songs on the album, his songs “Lost”, “Melody Therapy”, and “Rap No More” all tell a story within themselves as they describe his journey in the music industry. The first two songs explain how music helped him find himself and aided in healing from the past, but “Rap No More”, shows how he continues to fight the obstacles to live out his overall purpose. His songs “Bounce” and “Lit Lit” add balance as they encourage fans to enjoy themselves.

Lee Adrian’s overall goal is for his supporters to fall in love with music again. He wants people to catch the bars, but also leave them “feeling good”. He wants to create music that encourages people to stay motivated and make a way out of none. As a nomad, he doesn’t take no for an answer. He continues to elevate to new heights and he encourages his supporters to do the same.

His album “Mark My Words” is an album that everyone should be listening to. Not only have DJs added different tracks in rotation, but it is certainly a fan-favorite. To connect with Lee Adrian, follow him on all social media platforms at @theleeadrian. You can also stream his album on all music platforms or visit www.leeadrian.store to shop his clothing brand and see live updates.





Once described as “elevating the art of storytelling in hip-hop”, groundbreaking rapper, songwriter, and actor, LEE ADRIAN, is a Houston-native committed to his craft. Finding his talent early on in life, Lee Adrian, briefly joined a Christian-youth rap group. He soon realized that despite his faith, he had a story to tell. His love for hip-hop led him on a journey to become a versatile artist. Even with humble beginnings, Lee Adrian continues to defy all odds and embody the art of recording, writing, and producing music.

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