Intensity with Q. Dinero

Q. Dinero ReviewQ. Dinero does not play around when it comes to his music. “Conscious” kicks things off on a high note as the piano welcomes us in with this classical feel, but as soon as Q. Dinero comes in he brings this sense of intimidation like Thor brings his hammer; hard. In “Hindu” he creates this bounce more with his delivery than the beat. Here I wish the music was a bit more hype. The same can be said of “Real Niggas.” Only this time around the bounce is more like a fierce rhyme attack. With “No Problem” you would think you were listening to someone who was already dominating the charts instead of an indie artist. This track really captures a clear picture of what Q. Dinero is all about as an artist. He’s fierce, fast and comes at you with his words locked and loaded, ready to get at you. He’s like a “Fast and Furious” movie compacted into one artist who is ready to make a permanent mark on the world. If you’re into hip hop that’s as intense as an action flick, check out Q. Dinero today. (

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