Feel the Power of PK The Lyricist

PK ReviewPK The Lyricist comes at you from two sides and meets you in the middle of a good time. “The Game” is a song you can truly get lost in. It has this Bronx feel to it, a reality that while has a story behind it – comes through due to a chill beat. After you play a game, check out “The Power.” This one has a bit more attitude to it than the last, but still stays chill. The aggression continues to build as “Unknown” plays. This one takes us from that laid back vibe to a more streetwise demeanor, but all in all it stays true to who we’ve come to recognize PK The Lyricist as an artist. As “Bring It To Life” starts, you’re welcomed with a bit of a wait. The anticipation continues and then we’re like Malcolm and placed somewhere in the middle of that kick back feel we started out at and the more hip hop from the street feel. If you’re a fan of artists like Childish Gambino and Nas, check out PK The Lyricist  – he’s like the perfect balance of the two in terms of style. (https://soundcloud.com/jashawn-wade)

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