Preme Dibiasi Goes from the Inner City to the Top

PREME DIBIASI ReviewPreme Dibiasi came from the inner city and rose up to be the man and artist he is today. “Flex Zone” is a great song to put on when reality is getting to you and you need to unwind. You can lose yourself in the words and the sick beat. When it comes to “Drippin,'” this one is more for when you want to get up and move about. Not like in a crazy way, but in a party vibe way. In “Real4eva” the tickling of the notes in the intro intrigue you and make you curious for what’s to come. It’s that suspense that makes this track a stand out. As the songs continue to play, “2NYTE” is a more playful track than the rest and balances out his style. If you’re a fan of artists like Drake and Tyga, check out Preme Dibiasi now. (

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