Kush Koma Entertainment Brings Variety

kush reviewKush Koma Entertainment has a lot of talented artists in their roster and they all get to work and do it up. “Hustle” is where we begin with Rick Porter, Project Boi and Shak Taylor. It has a southern feel to it as it has this laid back but hype feel to it with the lyrics coming across in a raspy but melodic way. With “Turn Up” we get a more lively yet aggressive track that you would hear alongside the likes of Lil Wayne on a mixtape. It seems like every time we turn a corner Kush Koma Entertainment is delivering something new. We started out raw, went to the club and are now focusing in on the more heartfelt side with “Hard.” It’s clear that Kush Koma Entertainment has their finger on the pulse of hip hop and come with every type of the genre in their back pocket. If you’re just love rap music, make sure to check in with what Kush Koma Entertainment are working with. (

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