pg reviewPG aka Pretty Geeky is a female emcee who brings it as she provokes thought. “Talent Major x You Can Do It Too” is an honest look at overcoming and just doing what you have to do to make it. If one person can make it through what seems like the worst rough spot, you can do. Tony Clef hops on “The Cloud Movement” and movement is a good name. The little beat in it makes hips swivel back and forth, but it’s not necessarily a dance track. It’s more a thinker. That’s what a lot of PG’s music evokes – thinking. “Yonkers” is another one that follows a good beat but doesn’t overdo it. With “I Really Mean It” she really ups the ante and shouts out McDonalds as she brings to life her most energetic track yet. If you’re in the market for hip hop that’s kicking old school and actually taking its time to be worthy, check out PG ASAP. (

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