Mist2’9 Bakes The Goods

Mist29 ReviewMist2’9 is an emcee from Bakersfield, California who puts effort into everything he does. “Ride of Die” featuring Yung Mav is more like a command than anything. The delivery is very aggressive. Juliano hops on to help out with “Just Trust” and brings it. Then Mist2’9 gets inspirational with “Martin Luther King,” and then shouts out another public figure…Scotty Pippen in a song of the same moniker. It’s not as grabbing as the latter though. The tone gets serious, very serious, with “Facts of Life.” This one may stand out just because it seems like the realest and honest. Things are still going soft and slow but not as honest as the last with “Stuck In MY Ways” featuring Hex. It’s less worldly and more about other issues, but it sounds killer. Speaking of killer, the beat of “Fam Is for Life” is on point and really sticks out among the lot when it comes to Mist2’9’s music. Wrapping this up is “Put It Down.” It’s not the most hype track to end on, but it drives things home. If you want hip hop that’s well thought out, check out Mist2’9. (