How’s Hip Hop look from where your standing?

I would have to say that it’s pretty much were it’s expected to be, given everything

that has shaped it in the last few years.

When you begin to forge lyrical gems, what techniques do you use? How do you get in the mood to swing with the microphone dynamics?

I think of the type of song i would like to do, then try to create a track that has that feel to it. Then I write what comes to mind. Hooks are

almost always the last thing i come up with, because i want it all to make sense.

What’s the science behind your name? Or Is there any?

OUTTHERE comes made up of three points:

1. and mainly is my thought zone. when something hits me, a thought or idea, i sometimes leave the room

in my head and think so deeply, that people have had conversations with me and i didn’t hear more than a few words.

2. I am really big on the unusual in terms of Psychology, Theology, and other things like that. I mean i’m genarally

normal (whatever that means), but i like believing in possibilities as opposed to just facts. I dont walk around all

mystic like or anything, I’m just a regular guy with bigger thoughts studying life.

3. I like Sci-Fi

What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

It was bound to be a part of my life in terms of being an actual artist, cause Hip Hop as a whole is one of the few things

that moved me as a kid. In 80 or 81, i turned on the radio and heard “The Breaks” by Kurtis Blow for the first time, and

it was the nuttiest thing i ever heard. Other than that i was listening to Michael Jackson, Kiss, K.C. and the Sunshine Band,

Salsoul Orchestra, basically classic R&B and Disco. After hearing “The Breaks”, i started paying attention to the other songs

like it being played and of course there was The Sugarhill Gang, Adventures of Super Rhyme (Jimmy Spicer), Treacherous 3,

and Davey DMX. Artist like that turned me on to everything else. I was breaking by 83. i also tried my hand at Grafitti, which was

probably my weakest skill, and was deejaying by 85 approx.88 was the year i decided to produce as well as deejay cause it was a

lot cooler to play your own music at a party along with the standards. It should be noted that most of my deejaying was of House

music, cause i was doing house parties and that’s what it was all about back then, but it coninued on till about the end of 93 when i

was expecting to be a daddy, so i had to chill for a while. from 94 to 97, i was trying to make ends meet and take care of my girl

and son, plus her daughter. By 96, i was fed up with garbage work i was doing for minimum wage, so i enroll in school for Computer

Repair. I met a lot of catz in that place that brought my old love for Hip Hop back out of me, and in 97 i started making tracks again

and by 98, i put together my first compilation. Rap and Spoken word, rugged but thoughtful was the best way to describe “Da Raw Dirty I”

which it was titled. I produce the majority of the tracks on their with my long time partner P-Stock, who i didn’t mention earlier, but was

responsible for me doing house parties and tracks in the first place. I worked with like 20 people on the first project and then did a sequel

featuring 20 more catz, and both CD’s got their share of buzz when we pressed them up. I did do a little work on the mic for both projects,

but none i’m particularly proud of because rocking the mic came more out of neccesitty then a natural instinct like the best catz seem to

have. I did grow to like speaking my peace over my own tracks, so that’s where this solo album came from. Not that I’m better then the

catz i worked with, but i had a relatively clear vison of what i wanted to hear, and my attempts might only bring me 50% of the way to

getting it, but that was 25% closer than i was getting with all the catz i was working with. Everybody got skills, but i was looking for

something specific. So here I am.

What other hip hop artists or groups do you listen to?

Of the very few catz i listen to in the present, i would include Jay-Z, GhostFace, mostly, with a little Outkast, and various mp3 artists.

The majority of the rest are old school legends like G-Rap, Guru, Nice and Smooth, Tribe, Krs, Kane, Craig G, Masta Ace, etc.

How would you describe your music?

I would call a Thin line between Underground and Mainstream. I never believed in making extremely obscure beats to distance myself

from pop music or to make pop music specifically just to make that radio hit. I am founded in R&B and respect it a lot, so there might

be the hint of that throughout my album and other work. I mostly try to make something that you feel before you hear.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a hell of a guy. what can I say. I make happen for myself, what most catz complain that no one will do for them.

I produced, wrote, and recorded my album on my equipment. I design the artwork, shot and edited my video, and created

the enhance portion of my CD. I taught myself to be as independent of opinions of outside forces as possible. I continue

to do graphic work and video editing, plus producing and recording other people as a result of that, and i wouldn’t change

a thing about me, except my organizational skills and marketabiltiy, which keep me from making the most of it.

What are your immediate future musical plans? And what are your long term goals in regards to your music?

I been thinking about putting out some more wax for the spring and maybe doing a couple of showcases or something like that.

Long term, what i would like (Pay Close Attention) is to produce music for other artist, and make the occasional guest appearence.

Kinda like Pete Rock. In other words let me do what i do best for the most direct payment psossible, and let people know who

i am without being bound to the limelight. feel me?

Out of the songs you’ve created, what is your personal favorite, and why?

I would have to say that on a musical note, it would have to be “Holdin On” cause I played the whole song myself. from piano to break.

On a lyrical note, i would have to say “When I get it” cause it represented me the best in combination of skill and content. I said a lot

in that song, but you may not pick it up, cause it was kinda targeted at certain people and types of people.

What online resources have been a help in getting your album out there, and lending their promotional support to your project?

cdbaby.com has been a dream come true for me. They based everything on independent artists and make it simple to

become a part of , and the benefits that come with it such mailing list databases, bar codes, promotional tips section, has been priceless.

Mp3.com used to be my spot, but ever since Universal put their hand in, it’s just not the same.

My biggest promo tools has been me. I go to various forums and spread the word along with sharing info about things, and in return

i meet some good people and learn a lot about where people’s heads are at by interacting with these catz.

Tell us about your album “What Does He Think He’s Doing”.

This album was born from the need to express a few specific things about me, and explain in some detail why i mostly work alone now.

It’s not all negative, so it doesn’t come across as a strictly, i’m mad type of album, but my anger is there too. I know i can make good

music. I recognize elements of music that inspire and get people worked up positively and negatively. It’s not evenly shown throughout,

but that was because of wanting to enjoy making it as much as finally hearing it as a whole for the first time.

What’s the meaning behind Ladies Got Me Open?

It’s so crazy that you would ask me about that song, cause i felt it would likely be the most misunderstood. The song is dedication to the women

who are secure in their own, and kinda takes shots at women who purposely seek people out to benefit themselves. This is nothing new, i know,

but it seems like all i heard about women in the songs of recents years is “WE DONT LOVE THEM HOES” and we know that’s just not true. A

woman is a powerful being, and she can turn any man out if she knows what she’s doing. I am old school, so of course i see mostly the physical

beauty in women, and i love their sensuality, but i respect their mind and power, at least those of them that got them. I am a man first, so i know

the only way to say good things about the ladies were the fellas would pay attention is by making it sound almost like another bounce with me,

strip club banger. So that’s what i did. Make no mistake. I gotta lotta love for the South and respect for their influennce on music in the recent years,

so i hope it shows when catz hear that song.

What would you like to let fans know about the friends that guest appeared with you on your album? What are some of the backgrounds on these artists?

On the album you will hear a gentlemen named Kameen, who sung hooks on two songs (Only in it for the Doe, and Holdin On) , and this is a guy i grew up

with since like 8 years old. He’s an Ex hustler turned singer in the mid nineties, and he got a lot of talent just waiting to be seen by the majors, when

he makes his move.

I have Deece, who appeared with me on two songs (Only in it for the Doe, and It’s About). This is a long time underground vet, who will be making appearences

soon as he got signed not too long after we did these songs. We go back to about 96, when my partner was throwing open mics around my way and he got

down with him back then.

There is a song called DSDJ which features Tree-Natty, a very talented young man, who has been part of my inspiration due to his energy. He does some

chanting and various types of vocals and is featured on the vinyl I put out last year as a prelude to the album.

Throughout the backgrounds you can hear my man Fahtprns( Pronounced FootPrints) essentially being a hype man and doing many of the adlibs you hear.

He’s been a guiding light throughout the process, making sure i wasn’t settling for less, when i put songs together.

Lastly i have one song that features 7 other emcees besides myself. 3 of them are catz who have been on earlier projects or i have worked with from around the way.

They include Mark Machete (Newark), Dib Dab (Bloomfield), and Gambit(Trenton). The other gentlemen and the reason for this song in the first place are:

Incursion, Mic Fight (Now Brad Luck), Terrorwrist, and John Brown. These are guys i connected with on the sohh.com forums and what i did was say, why not

do a song together,( The Main Event) just for the sake of pooling the talent. I was hoping we could pull off a good song, so i could make it part of my album, and

sure enough, we caught a banger. Not many songs with eight emcees, that doesn’t bore you after while. My appearence was probably the least impressive due to

the company i was keeping on that song, but it came off regardless.

On the enhanced portion of the CD i showed off production i did for other artists in my circle like: Double A, Pro(a.k.a. Nahbi), Madam Georgia,

Wrecknologee, Ghetto Island, Thai-Yan, and also Deece.

Where can fans read some reviews, or listen to some audio off the album, or purchase the album?

you can hear a few of the songs from the album plus some empty tracks at https://www.mp3.com/katklawproduction

You can buy my album at https://www.cdbaby.com/outthere

You can buy my vinyl at https://www.diyhiphop.com in the EP section

You can see my videos and various graphic work i did at my main site https://www.njmp3.com

You can of course see the review i got from you guys hear, but also check out www.rapreviews.com and https://www.sohh.com/forums/showthread.php?s=6db970647532d5c5ce69fadbf1bd0660&threadid=115933

I believe i will also have a review up soon at www.mvremix.com

Do you have any shout outs you would like to make?

most definetely. Pardon me for forgetting anybody cause there are so many.

From my local peeps:

P-Stock, Thai-Yan, Joe Da Marketer, Kymray, Phat Dawg, Black Stuff, Kameen, Madam Georgia, all of P.B.U., Swiss Chris, Tree-Natty, Big Biz, Sulaw, Pro (a.k.a. Nahbi), B The Nightmare,

Orij, Nurriddiynn, Max Jerome of basically-hiphop.com, Greg of Downtown Music, Fahtprns, Deece, wrecknologee, Snake Ize, Mark Machete, Kenny Mac, Craig Schroeder, Koach, Black 45,

and of course my wife Denice and my Kids.

my sohh fam:

Terrowrist, NJJ, John Brown, Papes, Deuce_One,Lil Maan, KingST, Sentenza, LT, Tbonesjones, Rico The Yellow Jacket, O,The Oprah Magazine, Nate_On_The_Hook,

bRiCk973, Big Shiv, Young G 818, Mc NiteQuil, GroundZer0, ScRewBALL, Stylus, Cobra, AVC, AKonArtist, Sicki, War Word, INTELLECT, Apps, Daze23, I-Hate-You

Tha Infamous $.09, ILLFiL A BLuNT, Positively Negative, ch9sab, Magneto, Jack Tripper, Shalom, Kurupt420, Beej, Nkredible, DC, Mic Soloist, Aces11, Green Lantern,

KeyloMc3, Caramel Eyes, Wondah_Woman, BEAT-CRITIC , IGOD777, beat tape king, MobbDeepQBG, OzirusBZA, Swa, Xtrajik, grendelprime, thik_3rd, rabii, and many more.

My Undergroundhiphop.com fam:

Pseudo Croup, GAGI, illdelph215, BrunoYO, ubsscientist, djchase, raZZmataZZ, MrMasterMind

My BGOL fam:

Helic-Opter Funk, Sanada, NOHotboy1, Jflex, YoungBuck, willie3wire, Web_Guru, nick177th, trajizzim, SUN_ZOO_AKA_LOU_CYPHER, P Ditty, 10lbs_of_rigid_fury,

the Brown Hornet, bborn, sonOFazasin, majorfigga215, SummerRainstorm, Drayonis, Notorious-d187um, Native_Son, JTIMMYTT, sorry if i forgot anyone.

In particular i wanna say thanks to all the fellas that bought the CD from all these forums. Respect to yall and thanks for supportin.

Interview by DaHipHopPlace.Com

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