OPE aka O Asiatic

What’s the science behind your name? Or Is there any?

My name was originally OPUS ONE, my Grafitti name. My boys called me OPE (LIKE HOPE W/O the H) for short. O*Asiatic is just a spin off name I use to reflect a little more culture.

What do you think of Mainstream Hip Hop?

I think mianstream Hip Hop is just that “Mainstream” There will always be those who like to find another way to get to the smae placd you are going. I’m one of those people. That’s why I chose indie.

How was your upbringing?

My upbringing was OK. I had the same struggles the average Black Family living in America had to deal with. Making ends meet, discrimination, black on black crime, etc. Not much different.

What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

I ‘ve been a part of Hip Hop culture for a long time. I’ve been in all

aspects except DJing. This aspect is the closest to it that I got, and I like it here. Plus I get to mix a little of all the other aspects through the music. I make beats, I write my rhyme in old Graf style ( that’s 2 in one). When I perform, I dance a little (sometimes) or I let the DJ rock. So I get all elements of Hip Hop involved.

What other hip hop groups do you listen to?

I listen to any Hip Hop that Grabs me. It’s just that simple.

How would you describe your music?

I describe my music as Original Beats with Razor sharp lyrics that reflect Street experience (knowledge), and revolution.

What are your future musical plans?

My future musical plans are to finally release GET SHORTy! on the streets. Finish my partner Ben Hooks’ CD. and to get some mainstream and indie production work.

Out of the songs you’ve created, what is your personal favorite, and why?

My personal favorite right now as far as material that’s out now would have to be Ready fo’ ya head! that song launch a serious On Line presence for me ( and it’s reached # 1 on the mp3.com East Coast chart). It’s a fan favorite. It doesn’t even really represent where I am lyrically now though.

Where can fans listen to some of your music?

Fans can find my CD available for single song download or CD purchase right now at https://www.elinemusic.com. Free music site are https://www.mp3.com/ope , https://www.stationmp3.com.

Have you ever rocked events, if so, what was your favorite event you rocked?

I’ve done shows on the indie circuits. No big deal events. None really stand out right now. That’s why when I finally put GET SHORTy! out for the world, I can do the type of shows I really want to do.

Have you ever found Jesus?

No disrespect, but I prefer to leave religion separate from my music discussions 🙂 Fan’s don;t really care as long as good music remains good music.

How long have you been rhyming? How do you see hip hop, and you? Do you see Hip Hop as a religion, art, culture, a career, job, or just a hobby?

I’ve been rhyming for at least a decade ( not serious the whole time). I’ve been involved in so many aspects of Hip Hop that It’s just in me. One way or another. I have a constant connection. It’s is a Job as far as running my label goes though.

Do you have any hip hop quotables that you live by? Any song lyrics ever touched you?

I’ve been inspired by so many lyrics that you don’t have the time. One of my main lyrical influences is Kool G Rap.

“Mad City” is definitely a hot track, what was your inspiration behind creating this track? From your eye’s, what’s this track about?

The main inspiration behind Mad City! was Amadou Diallo plus calling my man Ben out of Hiatus, and the war in Kosovo. My man Substantial blessed the hook perfectly.

What was your basis for naming your most recent album “Get Shorty”?

The reason My CD is called GET SHORTy! is cause I just like that title since the movie came out (with Joh Travolta). My project was just the right opportunity to use it.

As a independent artist, how do you find the music industry? What resources online have lend their support to you, and your most recent album release?

The music biz is just like any thing else. You get out what you put in. Alot of heads think uploading an MP3 is enough. It takes a lot more. I’m well trainined musically and i music business so I know what has to be done. I make no complaints, you have to move your ass to make things happen. the support I’ve received for this release would look like a whose who of on line music. I thank them all greatly but, ther are too many to ention right now. I definitely THANK Hip Hop Hot Spot ! ! !

What artists are you currently working with these days?

I am currently working on a project for my main man Benjamin Hooks (from GET SHORTy), his project will be 10 times better than mine, a compilation called the West Bank (which is me, Ben & the Little Egypt Family). PACK FM should be releasing some of the tracks we’ve done over the last couple of years real soon, and just grabbing some production work here and there.

Which of the mentioned artists did you combine with to create the best, most hip hop blessing tracks? Which are you most excited about?

Benjamin Hooks was the first artist on OPE ENTERTAINMENT since 96. He will finally get his debut CD after a lot of sidelining. This will have to be one of the best CD’s I will ever produce.

Do you have any production secrets to share?

My production secret is this: Don’t get caught up in the gear you use to make beats, have your own style, and don’t limit your sources for inspiration.

What do you think of sampling? Do you sample a lot of material to create beats? If so, what type of music do you most sample?

Nothing wrong with sampling at all, that’s Hip Hop. I won’t reveal my sources though. I will gladly say to don’t use those bullshit computer programs with loops and pre set drum patterns. Everything comes from my fingers. EVEN after I sample it.

What is the best equipment to use when creating beats? And what equipment do you use?

There is no BEST equipment to use when making beats. Like I said earlier, don’t get caught up in gear. I use the EPS 16+, and the ASR10.

What are the steps in making a good beat from beginning to end? Please tell us what’s your methodology?

In my opinion, a good methodolgy, is being in the right frame of mind. catch a vibe, keep some inspiration in your head when you go to do beats, otherwise, they have no feeling if you are just doing them to do them. Get amped off that new CD you just bought, or out of sheer fun buya foreign CD and just trip out off of it. You will be amped to do something afterwards (if you have an honest drive to do this- and I don’t mean for the money).

Do you have any shot outs you would like make?

SHOUTS GO TO: My Wife and daughter, Ben Hooks, Visual Poetics and all of Little Egypt, Big Men-S, Substantial, Al Nazon, Winz, Sheldon Warner, Elf, My mom and all others who help me in this struggle to make it.



Interview By DaHipHopPlace.Com

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