G.B.A.M ReviewWho would’ve guessed Ohio had so much going on in the rap game? G.B.A.M is proof of that. “No Trust” will grab ‘80s kids in an instant thanks to “The Goonies” spot at the start. Then it goes into a rap track that relies heavily on attitude and coming a bit hard. It’s definitely aggressive. With “Can’t Stop” has a similar vibe, but this one seems a hint lighter, like you’d hear it at a party. It’d be the song that made the whole party turn up. “You Know” plays like the last while “Problem” offers up something different. It starts with what sounds like Lana Del Rey. Then it goes into a killer chilled delivery. This is the direction he should travel more. Speaking of, “Get Like Us” is the icing on the cake. Between this and “Problem,” these two are what G.B.A.M does best. If you’re a fan of hip hop that teeters between the streets and the house party, check out G.B.A.M now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/gbam9)

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