Keeping It Cool with Marcus Jackboy

Marcus Jackboy ReviewMarcus Jackboy rhymes aren’t in the fast lane, but they’ll get you where you need to go. “Playin Sports” with Demmy Hendrix is a track that you could hear being a fan favorite for the youths out there. No, it doesn’t have a hook but the pace is cool, calm and collected. In “Niggas Always Hatin” it takes a second to get to the track, but when it does you’re welcomed by a life lesson within the lyrics – so listen closely. Once we roll up on “All I Got is Money,” it falls flat a little but then picks back up with “All About the Cash.” It’s clear that Marcus Jackboy isn’t about the flash. His music doesn’t come at you with aggression and shotfire, but rather in a composed manner while remaining street. If you’re a fan of acts like Lil Wayne and French Montana, check out Marcus Jackboy now. (