Marco Fultz Takes You Places

marco-fultz-reviewMarco Fultz is a dimensional hip hop MC who can take you anywhere with his rhymes. “They Hatin” asks why hate, and that’s a relevant question. Why hate on people, but Marco Fultz seems to accept it, but not before questioning it. “Packin Purple” shouts out Heath Ledger and the way the title is repeated sounds like it’s a take on “Black and Yellow.” “What My Name iz” has a cool beat and goes at a really awesome pace. It’s slow but keeps your attention with in your face lyrics and a lot of references to things you’ve heard of like Kurt Cobain. “Make It Rain” is a stripper theme song since it’s about making it rain to get that money. “Party Party Party” is about what else, partying. It’s actually a really catchy song you’d likely hear in a really upbeat club. If you’re into hip hop that can go from the streets to the club, check out Marco Fultz. (

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