Lexxica – “Hearts Collide”

Lexxica – “Hearts Collide” 

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Inspired by artists like Demi Lovato and Ellie Goulding, Lexxica is a Los Angeles based singing and songwriting talent with one acclaimed EP under her belt and readying for the highly anticipated release of her second effort. The first single from that release, “Hearts Collide”, is a golden example of EDM music at its finest from an artist capable of exploring the entire spectrum of sounds in that particular genre. Since the release of that debut EP, Lexxica has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to personal development by pursing renowned vocal coach Kim Wood Sandusky. Sandusky has worked with major talents like Beyonce and her introduction into Lexxica’s artistic world has resulted in a quantum leap of her already considerable vocal power. The key addition as a collaborator may prove to be Grammy nominated producer Rusty Varenkamp. Varenkamp has become Lexxica’s chief songwriting partner and enhances things tremendously. 

His backing track for “Hearts Collide” is a monumental, shifting wall of EDM synthesizers and relentless percussion. The song isn’t a wall to wall pounding experience, as it alternates with brief passages with a much lighter touch and a couple of dramatic crescendos, but the predominant mood is high octane. The tone of the synthesizers, in particular, has an aggressive tint, but it’s never threatening. Instead, it’s like an insistent elbow to the side, cajoling and pushing you to move and dance. 

The lyrics are impressive for a genre that usually doesn’t assign much importance to such things. Obviously, while Lexxica is certainly interesting in getting you on the dance floor and enjoying yourself, her songs pack a message too for anyone caring to hear it. Likewise, her vocal delivers that message with a variety of tones. She embodies all of the emotions of passions realized, wanting, and physical lust boiling at the heart of this song. She never fails to do in a classy, intelligent way – there’s never a moment of pandering here and the track is better for it.  

There’s a lively spirit inhabiting this song. “Hearts Collide” tries its hand at depicting exactly that – the sound of hearts banging into each other and the resulting delicious friction. Ultimately, this is a song about being human. Lexxica sounds like she’s seized by the moment and relating the experience of her life in the most vivid musical and vocal ways imaginable. Her hook-oriented style, ability to freely express herself, and bubbling positivity mark her as special in the genre. 

Artists capable of developing such a signature style come along too rarely. She isn’t bound by formula, but when she chooses to exploit it, she can deliver convincing models of their kind that sound fantastic. Her ability to cross across multiple styles without ever tripping up gives her music, including this new single, a thrilling anything goes quality that’s hard to shake. “Hearts Collide” is a promising prelude to what will surely be one of the best EDM releases of 2016. 

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Shannon Cowden

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