Fly High with SireCharlieMacFly

SireCharlieMacFly ReviewSireCharlieMacFly is a hip hop emcee who dabbles heavily in the soul of R&B. Starting out is “Gas I’m On.” It’s not the most hype track to start out with. It’s got this very relaxed feel to it, like a sensual rhyme fest. We find the life in “Tetris.” No games here, only a great track that still is chill, but you can groove to it. What listeners will like about it is the R&B influence in the musical components. A skit opens up “The Smokers Only,” and we get more of that R&B with this one’s sensuality. Lyrically, you could hear this being the soundtrack to a big time gangster in a blockbuster made about the likes of Suge Knight’s life. You can imagine the slow motion scenes featuring cars, cash and canoodling women. Looking high and low for a track to break the laid back feel, it comes by way of “Serve This Royalty.” However, it’s not like you’re getting a Lil Wayne, hype track here. This is an emcee who never goes ham with it. He takes his time with his rhymes and sounds like he’s in the same class as Fetty Wap. So if you’re into that rising star of 2015, check out the upcoming hitmaker of 2016, and get in touch with SireCharlieMacFly today. (

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