Lady Sovereign – Love her or hate her

Lady Sovereign - Love her or hate her

Lady Sovereign

Love her or hate her

This pint-sized female rapper from the UK has gotten comfy in the US after wowing Jay-Z, and her first single “Love Me or Hate Me” (we think it’s tres Eminem) shot straight to #1 on TRL. Her whole bit is way in-your-face and after being a little difficult to pin down for an interview, she even responded to one question with a “That’s none of your business!” Lucky for Lady Sov, playing hard to get kinda won us over. Public Warning is available now on Def Jam, and we’d like to warn the public, this ain’t some gimmicky throwaway album; it’s full of clever rhymes, tight beats and a side-ponytail we can’t get enough of.

By Joanna Douglas

ELLEgirl: How did you come up with the name Lady Sovereign?

Lady Sovereign: I took a sovereign ring [traditional English jewelry] from the boyfriend of a mate of mine who was being nasty to my mate. I punished him! I kept the ring and named myself after it.

EG: Geez! Okay, well, you call yourself “The biggest midget in the game.’ How tall are you really?

LS: 5’1″. Not a real midget. A big midget!

EG: What artists did you grow up listening to?

LS: First off, I listened to what my mum and dad played who were punks, and then I started listening to jungle, techno and UK garage.

EG: How did you get started rapping?

LS: Out of boredom. School didn’t really interest me, so I had plenty of time to write lyrics at home.

EG: How did you meet your longtime partner, DJ Frampster?

LS: On an internet forum for the UK garage act So Solid Crew. He was looking for MCs to join his crew, I wrote back to him and that’s how it started.

EG: Have you always been able to talk really fast? Is that smoothness something that comes with practice?


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