A Real Emcee

“My hearts bleeding” because the music, and concept presented by CynOzure on “My First Demo” is deeply inspiring. CynOzure is a 15 year old artist currently residing in East Connecticut, and its evident from efforts he revives the true essence of lyricism. As proof of his commitment, and dedication CynOzure went out, got two jobs, and saved a bundle of money ( $3,000 ) to put towards creating a 3 song demo album. He hired super production heavy weights such as “Kno, Johnny Cock, and El Keter, among others”, put money towards his own recording equipment, and hired Adi ( super-talent – has done artwork for Braille, Sankofa, Icon the Mic King ) to put together a highly eye candy intense demo cover. CynOzure, at age 15, went all out to put forth his best effort on his first demo.

Now lets talk music. His 3 track demo features some pretty good tracks, that do show room for improvement, but for a demo, the music is pretty damn great. With some help, refining, and growing his music will only advance forward. We are impressed here at DaHipHopPlace, and CynOzure with his ambition will definitely travel far in the realm of hip hop. The first song, “Searching-4 Wynnie Cooper” is a classic love story cut, classic, but glazed in reality, and anything but thugged out. Strong written lyrics, fair vocalization, and one damn amazing beat. All we got to say is whoever laced that female’s voice in the background in that fashion deserves mega props. Not only does CynOzure interest fans with his music, but he’s got you searching for Wynnie Cooper, as appose to every so commonly searching for Christina Agulara. Next up is rightfully the middle cut, Mental Rehabilitation, featuring well known, respected, and talented text / audio netcee ( has a strong rep for net rhyming ) Radius. Radius is extremely tight and on point with his skills, and him and Cyn make a good duo over another classic beat that helps fans feel the music as a whole. The last and final track, “Stress Test” is a sure shot hit as well, and is a very easy cut for most fans to relate. I mean who’s not stressed out in the age and times of current?? CynOzure does a great job on this track, and certainly proves his wide array of skills.

What can we do? Can DaHipHopPlace.Com help?

Well, we are going to offer to sign CynOzure, and either way, we are definitely going to work with CynOzure hand, and hand to give him the exposure, promotion, play, and press he deserves. Why are we going to do this? Because CynOzure impressed, and inspired us with his strong efforts, and hey, we do care, honest we really do. =)

Looking at the big picture, CynOzure really proves that any artist has the ability to put forth their best effort. We receive tons of material from artists, and nine out of ten times the material we do receive is on a beat up old tape, with a scribbled piece of paper we can’t read, and no information on the artist. We also receive tons of feedback from artists world wide who simply say… “we are the most amazing rappers, word!”, and our thoughts are, “ok, where’s your music”, and of course when we contact the artists requesting to hear “anything” from them, they never repond.

UrbanPowlers.Com is a great online community for the lyrically inclined mind ( one in which Radius, Cashmere, KNO, Sankofa, Phsyclone, and more hang out at ). Communities like these bring artists closer together to create some great musical tracks. They also are a great place to receive valuable feedback from other artists in the same struggle to succeed.

Last words, never give up, and always push forward with your best effort. You don’t nessessarily have to work two jobs and spend the amount of cash CynOzure did to complete your demo, but you do have to take pride in your work, and yes, even if that means going to the Library to type out some information about yourself, and your demo.


Mista BLaZe – I’m not a writer, I’m just someone who decided to scribble down some worthwhile thoughts.

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