Keela kee Stacks Up Against the Boys

Keela kee ReviewKeela kee is a emcee doing great things. “History” I think really sets the tone for what Keela kee is capable of and what she’s all about. The best part about “Buzzed” is that it flows the way that kind of imitates when you are indeed buzzed. It’s easygoing and just right. She comes hard with “City On Lock” and really steps up her game in terms of attitude in the delivery. The same can be said of “Ride Big Ride Tall.” It is definitely a top notch one to listen to due to the beat of it and the way the hook comes strong. One song that everyone can enjoy and relate to is “Get That Money,” because who isn’t all about that. Keela kee comes harder than Lil Mama but hasn’t reached the level of the likes of someone like Da Brat but with a few more years under her belt, she’ll be there. You can hear the drive in her rhymes that are going to get her to her final destination no matter what. (

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