Jupiter in Velvet – In2 the Arms of Love

Jupiter in Velvet – In2 the Arms of Love 

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In2 the Arms of Love’s ten songs are the best examples yet of Jupiter in Velvet’s unique modern guitar driven songs that he calls electro dance rock. There’s certainly an abundance of physical tempos capable of grabbing listeners from the first alongside a raw, but thoroughly modern production style and boisterous guitar. His musicianship has deceptive simplicity and a penchant for colorful articulation that most guitar players cannot boast. Jupiter in Velvet has a thorough vision for exactly the sort of music he wants to write, record, and perform. The message behind these songs, however, has an obvious importance to Jupiter in Velvet. This is a songwriter concerned with looking outside himself. His talent for writing and recording clearly serves two masters – the first is releasing the inner need he feels for self expression and the second, perhaps most important, is satisfying his desire to communicate a message he believes to anyone who will listen.  

There’s an irresistible pop rush to the title song’s jangling guitars and it makes for an excellent start to the album. It shows a steely eyed confidence in the album’s quality as well. Jupiter in Velvet’s musical frame of reference has enough of retro dash in its makeup to take on the attitude that title songs are important cuts on any release and his past albums bear this out further. As good as the first song is thanks to its confident stride, the second song “’Till the End of the World” is even more impressive. The guitar work and drumming lock up from the first and fire away on listeners with urgent lines that are like holding a live current in your hand. He gives a great vocal accounting here, as elsewhere, and the doomed passion in his voice makes this performance a bracing experience. “I’m So Ready” is a brash rocker cut to a fine edge and bristling with enough melody to make it memorable. Jupiter in Velvet belts out a real blinder of a vocal to compliment it and it makes the track one of the album’s more memorable moments.  

He blends acoustic and electric guitar together really well on the song “How It’s Gonna Be” and it achieves an atmospheric mood that’s missing from many of the other songs. He really emotes to stunning effect on this track and it gives a darker tinge to the number than what we hear otherwise on this album. “Supercharged” blasts away with post punk pop firepower after an evocative and brief beginning. The chorus is particularly punchy and the vocal rails away with a breathless amount of zest. There’s some more punk rock influences coming out in a different way on “Mars Ain’t That Far”, but there’s just as much of his unique personality coming through in the musical and lyrical phrasing. The album’s penultimate tune “Bang On” is an atmospherically recorded salvo full of rock guitar, memorable vocal melodies, and tight construction that keeps listeners involved from the first. In2 the Arms of Love is another monumental effort in a string of albums that have established Juipter in Velvet as among the premier young performers and writers working today. 

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Robert Elgin

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