Elle Casazza – ‘Proof’

Elle Casazza – ‘Proof’

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/ellecasazza/sets/proof

Chicago’s Elle Casazza is, bluntly, one of 2017’s must-hear artists. The master vocalist delivers calm, engaging, and powerful notes. through top-notch lyrics, on her newest album, Proof. Her energetic, star-like appearance and energy, along with truly remarkable instrumental support, renders the short-and-sweet eight-track effort one of the best—and the most likely to explode in popularity—of recent times.

Proof begins with a dance-inducing track, “Hey”, which is guided not by its catchy clapping and well-timed keyboard notes, but rather, by Casazza’s illuminating vocals. Again, it’s apparent that a lot of work went into arranging the track, but a lot of work goes into arranging a ship as well. Nevertheless, without a captain, there’s no telling where a vessel would end up!

“Save Me” keeps the fantastic album flowing and feeling fresh by providing an entirely different and still-phenomenal sound, compared to the first track. Similarly, “Too Bad” continues the trend of showing off all the different sides and abilities of Elle Casazza by allowing her to perform another well-written and smooth-flowing track.

At the halfway point of Proof, Elle takes another turn for the different—and the better—with “Cooking”, a romantic, jazz-influenced, and melodic four-minute track that seems perfectly suited for a scene in a Hollywood film or a hit television show. Seriously, look for this down the road!

“Last Word” initiates the album’s second half, contrary to the style of “Cooking”, in fast-paced fashion. It’s at this point that the lyrical quality of the album really comes to life—when it is truly apparent that the meaning, depth, and understanding of Elle Casazza’s songs will provide them with lifespans that extend much further past those of most other tracks. It’s not inconceivable that the youngsters of half a century from now will come across this type of music and be pleasantly surprised!

“The Body Knows” turns the album back towards a slow and steady style with more of a focus on provoking thought than inspiring one to jump up in dance, and that’s just fine. Again, this demonstrates the versatility of Casazza as a songwriter, performer, singer, and musician. Additionally, it works to assure that Proof always keeps listeners guessing as to what exact type of sound is coming next.

“You” does the same thing—that is, introduces a new sound that shows just how diverse Casazza’s vocals are—by pairing her with an expert piano portion, a little back-up vocal support, and virtually nothing else, until the track’s latter portion. In this way, we’re reminded yet again how the artist can make any style of music work because of her talent.

“Isn’t it Good” is—well, this one is best left for listeners to experience fresh and without outside influence. Suffice to say, the track is phenomenal.

Readers are correct in assuming that this review of Proof seems like nothing more than a glowing recommendation of the album and Elle Casazza. This artist has produced a diverse and plainly excellent collection of songs here, and furthermore, she could very well be the “next big thing”.

Until we find out for sure, it’s probably best to kick back, relax, and enjoy Proof—proof that high-quality original music still exists.

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Max Ringer

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