Juice 5.D.0.B. Takes It Easy, Comes Out On Top

Juice 5.D.0.B. is a MC from Tucson who does it nice and slow. “Dope” is the opposite of what was expected. Instead of this hip hop infused track that relies on beats, it was this soulful insight into what Juice 5.D.0.B. can really do with a feminine touch; sing with heart. “Million Dollar Rush” picks it up and showcases the rap aspects of life. It’s different than “Dope,” but one can assume this is what Juice 5.D.0.B. is all about. “Happy New Year” is a little late, but at least you can have a song that’s relevant at the start of each year, right? Hell, you could listen to it all year round because it’s a good song. “For The People” is also a good song that plays like a Drake song; slow but full of swag. If you’re into hip hop that’s got a chill feel to it, check out Juice 5.D.0.B. (https://soundcloud.com/juice4232)

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