Carolina Bla2k’s Fierce Beats

Carolina-Bla2k-reviewCarolina Bla2k AKA C-Bla2k is an MC for those who like the sounds of Andre 3000 and U-Kiss. “3am” featuring SL and J BwoiBwoi is the clear cut anthem for the night owls and it’s a good one. “Tell My City” is just C-Bla2k and starts off slow, with this metropolitan sounding music and then it kicks in and it is a clear song about telling what you’re about. “Bet He Don’t” has this intergalactic music that you can might miss out on because of the rapid fire delivery by C-Bla2k, but listen closely to hear what sounds like an old school alien flick. “Streets Ain’t Da Same” takes it down just a bit but isn’t a song that treads lightly. If you’re into hip hop that’s fierce and provides something a little different in the beat department, check out C-Bla2k. (

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