JvstWuIt was 2008 when JvstWu started rapping. Four years later he got into the beat game and here we are a few years after that. “Basement Approved” sounds like something coming out in the current breed of emcees. It had this hard shell but a sense of reality to it. It’s not over the top and for the club, but for the hip hop purists. With “The Nine Theory” he comes through like a true storyteller. He doesn’t follow a beat as much as he does a steady pace while it’s the lyrics that stand out. In “SuprBxD” JvstWu brings forth a sound that sounds video game like. With no words, it’s all about the music here. Last up, “The Getaway” takes us back to the start. We get that storyteller vibe intertwined with a harder delivery. If you’re into hip hop that has an edge, check out New Jersey’s JvstWu now. (https://www.jvstwu.com)

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