Jedi Mind Tricks – Blood Runs Cold

Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood Runs Cold

Jedi Mind Tricks – “Blood Runs Cold” I’ve never even been into this group of emcees for a while, but I’ll say that Jedi is one of the finest artists in hip-hop, from battle to concepts. “Blood Runs Cold” sports one of the hottest beats I’ve heard in a long time, combining ethereal vocals with the finesse of piano keys. Flow is undoubtedly on point and every verse from these cats comes with amazing multi-syllabic rhyming delivered to the listener like it was their last song ever. Let’s look at the first verse by Sean Price aka Ruck from Heltah Skeltah. He flips one of the best verses I’ve heard in a long time–based on rhyme scheme alone. Ikon The Hologram comes out with some hot shit, too. Click the link above, NOW! [Jeff]

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