Jaydashs-reviewJaydashs hails from the city of Poe and has more than dough to rhyme about…although he does drop that in. “My Techno Beat (WIP) at Phoenix” isn’t the traditional beat you’d think of when it comes to techno. It’s a softer approach that’s welcoming. The same can be said of “Jhene Aiko The Worst” and “Blood Shot Red Eyes.” Both incorporate a sense of tranquility in the delivery. It’s different for hip hop, but “Blood” does bring it up a notch. When you get to “The Introcumentry” you question what that is but then forget about the definition and get into the hype beat. The energy stays up as “Countin Dough” kicks in and plays on. That one would be the one to check out first to get a taste of Jaydashs on the fly. If you like hip hop that’s easy on the ears and not overdone, check out Baltimore’s Jaydashs. (https://soundcloud.com/jaydashs-1)

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