J-RIGGG Brings It Any Way You Want

J-RIGGG showcases the soft and hard side of himself. “Special” is a hardcore love song. It sounds like this aggressive piece, but listen to the lyrics and you’ll find heart underneath it all. With “Music Is My Medicine” the mood lightens just a bit in the beat but J-RIGGG still comes at you harder than ever. You feel like you’re a part of the crowd with “It’s Still My Time” as it’s got the live element going on. The ivory intro really adds a sense of class to the whole piece and what follows is on point. If you were to ask J-RIGGG what you needed, he’d probably just lay down “What You Need.” This one comes at you with a little R&B feel tossed in. If you like artists who can encompass professionalism, street smarts and beats, then you have to check out J-RIGGG. (https://www.jriggg.com/)

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