How to Get Hip Hop HotSpot working for You!

How to Get Hip Hop HotSpot working for You!

DaHipHopPlace.Com offers many artists and labels muscular features to help bring their music to more fans world wide. It’s important to get music in front of the industry elite, media, magazines, labels (if looking to be signed), and fans (those that buy and support albums). Artists should leave no stone unturned when trying to expose their talent and music.

Three prime features that artists should take advantage of that are offered by DaHipHopPlace.Com are as follows:

1. Featured Artist Profile

2. Album Reviews

3. Ads & Special Main Page Featured Showcases

Featured Artist Profiles on DaHipHopPlace.Com (HHHS) are a great way to get noticed. These profiles showcase all the important information fans, labels, and media need to get to know who you are as an artist. There is an option to supply a picture which adds a personal touch to the profile. This service is offered at an extremely low rate that is unbeatable for the value offered in return. New profiles even get main page coverage which certainly adds some quick buzz and attention to artists. Besides exposure, getting in front of the right people will add to other media attention, and leads. The more artists get in front of people, the more things will happen with their careers.

Album Reviews are extremely important. HHHS offers free album reviews if you mail a copy of the album (P.O. Box 35534, Hamilton, On, L8H7S6, Canada). HHHS also offers an express review service to get reviews out in a 24 hour turnaround. This is important because artists are competing with one another for review spots. Reviews get music attention and lead to awareness, and sales. Artists need to ensure their album will be reviewed, and that the review happens in a timely manor. Artists may also want to use the review when they mail out press or list the album on their website. It adds to media packages, and presentation. Great value.

Ads & Special Main Page Featured Showcases are extremely important to aid in awareness development and sales. Artists should secure ad space for new releases to help drive sales immediately. An ad of an album cover posted on a sites main page is a huge driving force. HHHS offers extremely low rates for advertising.

These are just some of the features HHHS offers. Artists & Labels should explore sites fully to get the maximized benefit. A site and tools will only work as well as someone uses them. Amazing services can be offered that will aid in growth and development but will offer nothing if not used.

Make sure you care enough about your music, and or the music you promote to ensure its reaching the widest audience possible.

By BLaZe for Hip Hop Hot Spot .Com

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