BEABOUTMONEY ReviewBEABOUTMONEY also known as BAM is on the rise and he’s about to catch your eyes – and ears. “Get Rich” is a great place to start with this emcee. It’s got appeal thanks to the hook and you can’t really touch that point of it. The thing I like is that the music doesn’t overpower his rhymes. He softens up with “Girl You a Star.” It shows the heart he has in his chest is full and it’s a nice balance between this and the first one we heard. With “Salute” he comes at you like a 90’s Jay Z, relying on a lot of talk at the start and a sick east coast like beat. When it came to “Glitter,” the title makes you think a light and airy track is coming through. Instead this one comes like a slap from reality. There’s no shine to it, just straight-laced, to the point rhymes. If you’re a fan of rappers like Jay and Nas, check out BEABOUTMONEY aka BAM. He has a whole lot of joints waiting to be discovered. (

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