Exploring the Man Behind Dnastone

dnastonePro  ReviewBeing an artist, whether it’s a painter, an emcee or a writer – it’s about the picture you paint with what you do. For Dnastone it’s the words he spits out in his rhymes and he tells stories that are real and have edge. A newscast starts “Choppa Games” and when Dnastone finally drops in, he only adds to the reality of the situations that constantly surround this man’s life. With “Everywhere” we don’t come as strong as the last, but it’s still a sick track. “Hoe Card” has a slow and almost R&B start with a really interesting musical backdrop. Last up, “Playa Shit” lets us end on a high note. The beats are slick and the rhymes are sicker as he comes through with a lot of ease. If you’re a fan of emcees who lay it out on the line and are real, check out this artist Dnastone, now. (https://soundcloud.com/dnastone)

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