Rox Ran ReviewWhile rappers like Machine Gun Kelly attack the stage with a rapid fire pace, his fellow Ohio emcee Rox Ran, does it with ease. “G shit” sounds like a rhyme you’d hear on the urban version of “Sesame Street.” Not because this is a light and airy hip hop joint, but because of the repetition of it being the seventh letter in the alphabet. Moving on, “Brown Eyed Girl” takes away from that and leads us into a place that has this modern rap feel. There’s something experimental about the beat that makes it stick out. “How Bad Do You Want It” starts with a real ‘70s AC vibe. The music has an elegance to it and then Rox Ran comes in with this chilled but in command delivery. It sounds like something Nas would release. We stay on that same page as head into “She Rollin’ Up” only we take a turn on the sensual side of the road. Last up is “Lights, Camera, Action.” Here I thought we’d end on this hype track, instead we have a laid back feel intertwined with an upbeat rhyme game. If you’re a fan of hip hop that’s well executed when it comes to the beats and the rhymes being in tune, check out Rox Ran now. (

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