Get Inside Heaven and Hell With the Poetic Prophets

Get Inside Heaven and Hell With the Poetic Prophets

When did you start rapping and why did you like doing it?

Apollo: We both started rhyming at 9 years old, and it started out as a hobby, but then as we got older and went through experiences, it became an outlet for our emotions, and kept our imaginations alive. We’ve been rhyming together for a year and a half so far.

When did yall hook up, and why did yall think it would be a good choice

to do so?

A: First, we were an original group of 4 members, then me and Merciles became a group, and kept the name Poisonous Thoughts…then I realized that me and Merciles couldn’t kick it as doggs, it wuz only at da rap level… so I called Lord L up, and I broke out the group with Merciles. Me and Lord L started talking, and realized that we shared the same views on life, so after a few weeks of getting to know each other, we decided to form the group Poetic Prophets, and it was a good choice, because this is a group in the physical form, but one person in the lyrical and spirtiual form, its called destiny.

In your total time so far as being the Poetic Prophets what have yall

seen that you both appreciated?

A: Another side to life, we appreciated one another in the fact that we realized that we’re not the only ones who think like this, and there are others, and those are the ones that get the message we portray.

Lord Lucifer: I appreciate being accepted into hip-hop and all the hard and good times within hip-hop are cherished.

A: I appreciate life, and hip hop is my life, I realize I aint gonna be on this earth as long as most people are…I see that in my future, so everyday, and every rhyme I write down, gets engraved in my soul for the afterlife.

I Know that the two of yall are both white, do yall think that yall have to set your styles straight from other white emcees in the game like Eminem?

L: As far as Eminem, I’m not Eminem, Apollo’s not Eminem, 3 different mindsets…3 different views on politics. The only comparison that can be between Eminem and us is that we have the same skin shade. Styles differ, so do peoples lives…That’s why I’d SHIT ON HIM IN A BATTLE!

A: (nodding head) Word…

A: What I don’t get is, when a black person rhymes, why doesn’t anybody say, “Why you trying to be like Ja rule or Biggie?? But when a white person rhymes, its Slim Shady or Vanilla Ice’. It makes no sense to me. We give hip-hop its respect. To answer this question further, listen to the songs Pure Hip hop & You Aint Real. We explain it in that.

Oblique: True…

Lord L who did you look up in the game when you were a Youngen? Apollo


L: Wu Tang, 2pac, Run DMC, Lord Finesse, Rakim & KRS

A: 2pac, Nas, Biggie, Bone Thugs, & KRS

As far as everybody contemplating of who the G.O.A.T is, who do you think

the goat is?

A: In my opinion, there is no such thing, because everyone got a different view of hip-hop. Some shallow-minded iced-out cat might think Lil Wayne is da fuckin’ GOAT, but it all depends where you’re coming from. LL got longevity…that’s it, he gets his props as a vet–mad respect. In my opinion, the GOAT hasn’t arrived because we’re not signed yet, and these are 2 GOATS that science ain’t gonna be able to clone–Hahaha…

O: (laughs) Word…

L: KRS ONE, because he went from fame with BDP in the beginning and is still holding it down right now with real hip hop fans, even young bucks.

In five years where do the both of yall see your selves?

Poetic Prophets: Still not fucked with, and on top of the game. We’re gonna break through the underground the way that it should be, and affect as many lives as possible…we’re here to rhyme out of love, but also to be remembered by all–loved or hateed–we won’t be ignored.

Yo, Apollo how would you portray Lord L’s style?

A: Lord L’s style is ccientifical-battle shit, raw metaphors and punchlines, but with the open-mindedness to spit on any topic, which makes him the untouchable.

Same Question to Lord L…

L: WACK! (laughs). Just playin’. Nah, but on da real, Apollo’s on a level deeper than the bottom of the Abyss–the real shit, to just make you wanna change religion off a sentence-type shit, but if you put a battle in front of him, he’ll rip too, diversity in its purest form right there.

What pressures have each of yall come in conflict with of being an

underground emcee?

A: Many arguments about the thin line between commercial and underground. To me underground is NOT doing it for the money and keeping it real to yourself, and not forgetting where you came from and all the other street emcees. When we do blow up, we might switch it up and make a song that people consider ‘Commercial’, but we always gonna stay real to ourselves, and our surroundings, and we never gonna lose that poetry in us, so nobody should doubt us.

L: The conflict between underground fans and mainstream fans, only underground fans want to even both with our message. That’s why it’s harder to get across to all people.

If the both of yall were giving the chance to perform one song worldwide

with all ears open, what song would it be and why?

PP: (ponders)

L: “Concrete Rose”, ’cause its deep.

A: “Dear God”, because it shows the quarrel between human and God, and it expresses our pain and how religion comes in. It’s a spiritual battle.

Aight heres one of the hardest ones, in a battle against the two of you.

Who do u think will win and why?

A: Actually, we battled before we were a group, in front of Lord L’s entire school, and I won that battle. I think the record is like 2-0, but that was just because I was on and he was off. To be honest, I think he’s a better battle emcee, but I didn’t believe that until I saw him battle some kid at the mall for an hour straight…16 rounds, and it was amazing how Lord L flips someone’s lines, and does it all off the spur of the moment, I think he’s one of the best freestyle emcees to live.

L: Me. Because that’s my main aspect of rapping, battling. I live for it. its not who’s more talented, it’s just that, that’s where my heart is.

So…When yall both blow up how soon will y’all have my VIP pass and tickets

to me?

PP: (laughs). You’ll be the first!

L: (laughs) No doubt.

interviewed by Oblique


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