Get Gabby is a female MC who goes there with her lyrics and brings it with the beats. “World Class Chics” is about being the HBIC when you go out. You know, when you head out to the club and bottle service is just a natural occurrence for you? Not all of us can relate but it’s nice to know those ladies out there who can finally have a song to call their anthem. “Aight” has a sick beat that can’t be touched, and lyrics that are out for the kill. “Get On Top” starts a little sweeter than the rest and continues to be so the whole way through. That’s not the case with “One Night Stand” though. Get Gabby can be a good girl and she can also be a little naughty. “Straight Cash Homey” actually might be her strongest performance of all her work. The flow, the beat — everything was at the top of their game and brought it. If you’re into hip hop told from the female perspective…Check out Get Gabby. (

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