Flaming into The Music World with a New Single; Hip Hop Singer Moh Flame Is Ready to Entertain His Fans.

Moh Flame is all set to release his new single. With his exemplary skills, he is ready to target music fans all over the world. He plans to release music that makes people want more of his records and find artists who would collaborate with him on his musical journey.

Richmond, British Columbia – April 23, 2021, Mohammad Flame. Better known by his Stage name Moh Fame is all set to entertain the music world with his new single coming out soon. Moh has his eyes set on Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and Rap genres. Moh started his musical journey after taking inspiration from some of the best rappers and musicians in the industry, such as Juice Wrld and Travis Scott. Flame intends on producing songs that people can relate to. He wants to be heard through his music and wants to make people pour their hearts out to his music and lyrics.

Flame has released his new song, labeled “Still Need You,” on March 24 2021. The song has been written, produced, and rapped by Moh Flame himself. Moh’s single has a deep meaning behind it. He has dedicated this song to someone very close to his heart, which is no longer in this world. Flame wants his listeners to relate to this song, to know that they are not alone in this world. Times are rough sometimes, but they do not stay. Better times will come, and the loneliness left behind after your loved ones departed will be filled up soon. The song focuses on how people need someone they can love with all their heart and get love from them in return. Reciprocation of love and giving love are two of the best things anybody could ask for.

Moh Flame’s new single is inspired by his favorites Juice Wrld and Travis Scott. He has tried making his musical flow that people can relate to and would want to hear again. He loves music, and he feels that music can express the words people are usually afraid of saying out loud. He wants to express himself with his music and wants his audience to express themselves and their emotions through his music. Head over to his social media and listen to his heart-touching single out now!





Moh Flame is a rising musician who is extremely passionate about music. He wanted to build a career around his passion since 2018 but could not gather the courage to start it. In 2021, he decided to overcome his fears and released his first single for the worldwide audience. He is a talented musician and songwriter. He writes and sings from the bottom of his heart. His music is very spontaneous, and he pens down the lyrics that he feels in his heart. He plans on inspiring other people and making his music a symbol of expression for his audience. His songs are based on events that took place in his life and impacted him. His songs tell stories that people are unable to express in words, and this element is what makes his music extremely unique.




Name: Moh Flame
Email: [email protected]




Website: https://linktr.ee/Stillneedyou
YouTube: https://music.youtube.com/channel/UCOB9cGeOzMnDmSGWmffAwIQ
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/mohflamee
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mohflame?igshid=1tjbx1se7hlsp
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/rk2TAffSNi1w7Upo8
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6rLJmUmp8RTH8NJqOVvm98?si=oRJhnAy8SgC5Y6KDRgVNkQ
LinkedIn: https://linktr.ee/mohammadflame

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