Enthralling and Scintillating Reggae Compositions: Madi Simmons Unveils New Track

With eclectic and refreshing musical compositions, Madi Simmons is creating a unique position for himself in the genre of Reggae, developing his musical prowess and distinct Caribbean styles.

McKinleyville, California – April 26th, 2021 – An up – and – coming sensation Madi Simmons is all set to become a budding and electric powerhouse when it comes to refreshing and dynamic Reggae music compositions. Motivated by a passion to craft the most soulful and striking musical compositions that are both uplifting and imbued with important themes and messages, Madi Simmons is now looking forward to winning hearts with a beautiful new single “The Sun Is Shining Again”.

His wide-ranging, eclectic talents are underscored by inspirational lyricism and a distinguished vocal prowess that echoes the style of icons of Reggae and R&B such as Black Uhuru, Gregory Isaac, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown.

With the release of his moving new single titled “The Sun Is Shining Again”, the growing new artist is sending waves across the musical scene. Representing a dynamic and blazing music range, Simmons’ new music continues a history of producing exciting music, immersing listeners in a whole new dimension. Dominated by enriching lyricism and hip use of drums, Madi Simmons’ reggae compositions enunciate a nostalgic and wistful vibe.

The stunning new single is a build-up to his last release of 2021, a soulful single titled “Love Is A Healing”. Simmons’ characteristic and distinct Reggae discography boasts albums such as ‘Get You Some’ released in 2005, and ‘One Love’ which came out in 2009. Madi Simmons has also been a driving force releasing singles and EPs throughout the last decade, solidifying his position in the industry. Releasing EPs “A Time for Love” and “My Time is Now” in 2012, along with “Reggae Against Landmines- Volume 1”, Madi Simmons has swiftly risen the ranks.

“I have been singing, writing and performing since I was 16, my goal has been to write songs about life and how to make [music] as good as possible,” says Madi Simmons regarding the release of his electric new music.

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Budding singer and songwriter Madi Simmons is an authentic force from the Caribbean, when it comes to creating Reggae and R&B music. Having entered the world of music at the young age of 16, the rising artist was always moved and inspired by the electric pull of music in people’s lives. Simmons first started out by playing drums, songwriting and singing independently. Influenced by icons such as Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, John Bonham, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Madi Simmons has honed his vocal strength and skills.

He has also toured and performed at numerous gigs in the last 20 years, including at stages in the Pacific Northwest, California, Hawaii.



Name: Madi Simmons
Email Address: [email protected]



Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vidi.zion/
Instagram http://instagram.com/madisimmons
YouTube http://youtub.com/madisimmons
SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/madisimmons
ReverbNation http://reverbnation.com/madisimmons
Spotify http://spotify.com/madisimmons

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