Find Your Way with Young Wayf

young wayfBorn in Nashville, Young Wayf has never been bashful with his skills. Now he’s got a few tracks loose and an album to share. “No Way” sounds like the type of song that’d be alongside the new Bieber. It’s got a smooth pop meets R&B feel and you can hear this making itself comfortable on many a playlists. In “Smash or Pass” Wayf slows it down. This one is okay but doesn’t have that same pop as the last. When we get to “Bad Bitches Only” we hear him come back to where we started and it’s a good time once again. If you want to get on what Young Wayf has, you can check out his latest album “Her,” out now. On it you’ll find more than what’s above; a whole crop of other songs like the title track that is more about the hip hop feel, and “She Know,” which has a Drake vibe to it. If you’re a fan of artists like Bieber and Drake, check out Young Wayf today. (

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