Face the Facts with Johnny Bones

Johnny Bones ReviewJohnny Bones is a skilled emcee who can do his thing as well as flip the script on some remixes. “Face Down” is the North Star of this rapper’s journey. It’s the point of interest that all his listeners will head towards. It’s well-rounded in the fact that it has a great beat, a steady flow, and sick rhymes. With “Relations” things are turned down a bit but it’s a smooth, and cool song that grabs your attention with its attention to detail. Then we get hype again in the delivery department with “Turn Up.” Johnny Bones comes at you with rapid fire lyrics. When it comes to what’s radio ready, you wouldn’t hear “Get Smoked” on your local dial any time soon just because of the explicit wording, but cleaned up it could be a weekly smash on the FM waves. Today there isn’t anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with Coco, but with Bones’ remix, he’s sure to get anyone who has yet to be engulfed in this track. He also has a sweet remix of “Yayo” that’s worth checking out as well. Whether he’s doing originals or remixing, one thing’s for sure – Johnny Bones has got the skills mastered, so stop wasting anymore time and check him out now. (https://www.youtube.com/user/cityboibones/videos)

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