Durt Road Camp: Welcome 2 Da South

Durt Road Camp ReviewDurt Road Camp’s “Welcome 2 Da South” mixtape is jammed packed of fierce beats and sensitive moments. “100 Barz Or Beta” is a great song based mainly on the beat. I love that it sounds like some AC song intertwined with hip hop. What isn’t that great is that is clocks in at almost six minutes. It definitely needs a radio edit. When you finally get to “You Ain’t Gon Stop This” you have another great beat and a very ferocious delivery from Durt Road Camp. Okay, so if you thought “Lion King” was an ode to the highly successful Disney movie, it’s not. Although that’s the reality of the situation, it comes at you as fierce as the king of the jungle. “He Telling You” calms things down with a spurt of R&B tossed into the mix. Let’s end on a sassy and sexy note though. “Fuck Me Good” is one of those songs that you instantly want to learn all the words to and declare as your own. It’s a little dirty but fun. If you like southern style hip hop, check out Durt Road Camp’s “Welcome 2 Da South,” available now. (https://www.datpiff.com/Durt-Road-Camp-Welcome-2-Da-South-mixtape.646951.html)

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