Dossman Thomas: Dossman, Thomas EP

Dossman Thomas ReviewDossman Thomas has a lot going on, but it all shapes up and meshes well. “Give ‘Em Hell!” has a fun feel to it and will remind some of what Mac Miller’s been spitting out. That frat rap vibe. With his buddy Zach Kramer by his side on “Love,” he really changes it up and gives us a track that has a more seductive demeanor. One would think “Nosebleed” would have this aggressive beat but really, it’s like Neo-Soul music intertwined with some attitude. Tino hops on “What To Do” and that seduction is back, but not in the lyrics. Lyrically this sounds like it could be the theme song for every 20-something. “Said A Lot” brings us back to that Neo-Soul but the vocals match up this time around. In the end Dossman Thomas has a lot of elements to his sound. He’s one part soul, a hint of frat and has a dash or two of sass that creates a sound that everyone from fans of Mac Miller to Wiz Khalifa would enjoy. So check out his record, “Dossman, Thomas EP,” out now. (

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