DawgGonDavis Drops the Hammer!

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I don’t know for certain if DawgGonDavis is secretly masterminding a plan to take over the hip-hop charts with her new four song extended play Anthem Pandemonium, but even if she’s just out to spread the word of Operation Breakthrough and their crucial work to stamp out domestic poverty her latest release is more than worth your time. I first became familiar with DGD’s music through the single “Butt on Fiya,” which is included in Anthem Pandemonium I might add, and haven’t been able to look away from her career since. She’s funny, smart and a lot more adept at making intricately complex rap songs than you might expect from an IT project manager, but that’s the whole point of her music. She wants you to question the stereotypes and stigmas that you attach to people, illnesses and even culture itself and reassess your opinions. There really is no better way to get people to change their evil ways then through the power of comedy and music, and thankfully DGD is highly equipped to do both brilliantly.

There’s a lot of rhythm to the tracks on Anthem Pandemonium that doesn’t revolve around central hooks or predictable choruses. Yes, there is plenty of pop polish to attract establish hip-hop fans, but her angular sense of humor prevents this record from being a straight up indulgence in thematic surface level stuff. Completely unlike younger rappers, her music actually swings and retains a little bit of that old fashioned funk flavor that made first wave rap so provocative and excitable. I’m not trying to sell her as the face of a new generation of rappers to come, but to say that her ideals aren’t going to have somewhat of a ripple effect on the world around her would just be asinine. The cover of Anthem Pandemonium features DGD posing in front of a black Jeep Wrangler, and something tells me that whether or not she’s behind the wheel of that vehicle she wouldn’t have a hard time steamrolling over anyone who disrespects her art and the organization it’s meant to benefit. She’s a fighter who belongs in a genre of music built by and for warriors.

Operation Breakthrough is based out of DGD’s hometown of Kansas City and works effortlessly to secure educational resources and empowering assistance for families living below the poverty line in the KC metro area. Their relentless commitment to doing what’s right for the city has never gotten the credit that it fully deserves, but perhaps through the spotlight that this EP will likely garner the organization that might change for the better. Some of my peers are saying that 2018 is all about pop music trying to find ways to give back in order to resurrect and brutally negative image, but in the case of Anthem Pandemonium, I think the work speaks for itself. This isn’t about being a social justice hero or trying to fix something cosmetically broken. It’s about doing right by others and having a good time along the way, and that’s exactly what the world needs a little more of nowadays.

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Troy Johnson

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