Daril-reviewDaril’s passionate ways have brought him far, but he plans on going even further. “Cruisin” sounds like Snoop Dogg at the turn of the millennium. It’s not gangster rap, it’s more about the fun of it all. “Game Time” steps things up a bit and gives a little attitude. “Livin It Up” does just that. It’s a hype song that relies on the 80’s like beat to get the job done through and through. One doesn’t know what to expect when they see a title like “New Orleans.” Will it be chalked full of that Southern Mardi Gras style that’s all that Jazz? Well in this case, no — it’s more of a dance beat than anything else. Nope, this isn’t a Master P cover, but Daril’s own “Make Em Say.” It may sound weird, but “Country” was probably my favorite from Daril. It’s just a beat, but the way he was able to capture country music with a hip hop twist was excellent. If you’re into early 00’s hip hop and beats, check out Daril. (https://www.reverbnation.com/daril)

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