Boogie P Brings It All Together

boogie-p-reviewBoogie P is just one of the latest rappers to emerge from Detroit’s fierce hip hop scene. “Lauren” featuring John Michaels and Allante is a good blend of rhymes and R&B. They come together nicely and bring this love song to life. On the other side “In My Headphones” featuring Tokiio and Jimmy Noot is this laid back hip hop. The delivery never pops as much as you’d expect it to. “Incarnation” featuring J Gaines sounds sort of like an old southern Gospel song, which makes me think it’s a sample of some sort of heavily influenced by that genre. It’s different and makes this song stand out tall. “1970” with some help from Don Speedo had great groove to it that was both entertaining and catchy. It’s definitely not one you can turn quick. You have to let it settle in and once it starts, you can’t stop. Rounding things off with Boogie P, we have “Step One,” a very street sounding song that kind of brings everything together. If you artists like Talib Kweli and Drake, check out Boogie P. (

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