Da Music Industry X-posed

People might not like Master P ‘s song titled oowwee because of the props he used in the video. But I saw it as a hold different approach. Let me break down some jewels to you.

Master P is a very shrewd businessman who knows the business of music and marketing. What I saw is he is putting more emphasis on the Caucasian market. It has nothing to do with racism. No! It’s smart business tactics. He knows his markets(Fans,consumers and etc). And he knows how to collect valuable marketing data to make his records sell.

First of all. You must have some type of marketing plan to get your point across. If you don’t get your point across to your fans. Then guess what? Your record will not sell.

Do you remember when BET interviewed Master P. And he told them when he went to Denver Colorado. He said the crowd was mostly a white audience and he didn’t know what to do at the time. The he went on to say he did a song or maybe two, but the point is he rocked the crown. That night in Denver he discovered a new market. Before I get to my point. In the business of music there are so many market to tap into. It’s unbelievable.

That night in Denver he discovered a new market and went a little further with it. I know you want me to get to the point but I have to make reference to make you overstand what I am saying.

For those who never heard of a company called soundscan and BDS(Broadcast Data Service),then let me introduce you to them.

Soundscan monitors the sales of recorded music in retail outlets (Sam Goody, Tower, wherehouse and etc.).

BDS is a company that tracks the radio stations and how many spin a record get on the air. They are what the industry call sister companies which means they are affiliated.

BDS and Soundscan work together and share information with trade magazines like Billboard.This is where Billboard gets its information of the Billboard top 200 charts.

Every week soundscan publishes a detailed report with the statue of the sales of music. To be register as a soundscan member you must have a Universal Product Code(upc) or simply a bar code.

With this report from soundscan a record label can find out everything about the sale of a release or any other musical recording. This report gives data on all the soundscan-registered stores that sell a release (music recording).

So somebody like P or you and me can order a copy of this report and see which store or stores in a region,city,town or store is selling the most and which is not.

The record companies use this information to strengthen their weaknesses. If a area like Atlanta is selling you release at a moderate level do to radio spins. And is not selling good in Columbia SC. And is getting good radio spins. This gives the record label the ability to put more effort into marketing into the Columbia area. Until sales pick up.

What BDS does is listen to more than 1100 radio stations in 128 markets in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada.24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Tracking over 1,000,000 a week. They have the largest collection of music in the world.

Performing rights societies such as seasac and ASCAP use BDS to track songs for publishing royalties. Like I said before BDS track how many spins a song get from each radio station in their network.

Just like soundscan. Members of BDS can purchase a report called insight. Which is designed for record labels. This report is combine with airplay data and soundscan sales data. BDS can give you data on each radio station and how many spins they get.

Master P uses this type of information to sell records. So he’s not concerned if you like him or his music. Because he is a master of his craft.

I guess he may have seen sales getting slack in a certain area. And took it to another market. The ones who buy his music.

You too can use this information to blueprint your future. Even if you don’t have a high volume in sale with your music. You can use this information to look at other artist to see how they are doing in a market. Maybe one similar to yours.

Like I said before. No need for small talk. The music industry executives need you to make money. The songwriter, producer, artist and etc. You are the products. You can sell you own music. Even artist that don’t have a lot of money. You can sell you own music to.

The way computer technology is moving and computer prices are dropping. You can’t imagine how much you can do wit one.

Writen by Da Architect for Mindz Over Matter Publishing


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