D12 – Purple Pills b/w That’s How

D12 - Purple Pills b/w That's How

D12 – “Purple Pills” b/w “That’s How”

I’m sure many are non-believers in Eminem since his unfortunate LP, The Marshall Mathers LP. I don’t blame you, I was, too. Eminem groupies, never fear–it is confirmed that Eminem CAN put down a nice delivery…finally. However, he’s not sporting any of his skill on “Purple Pills”, which is almost embarrassing for the Dirty Dozen. The beat is real slow, and sounds kinda like a Timberland/Dre beat, but in slow motion. Just like “Blow My Buzz”, the Dozen speak on popping pills. Surprise, surprise…

Now, “That’s How” is seriously dope. The beat sounds like it was produced by Dr. Dre, so that is a plus. On top of that, the hook is phat and funny. A lot of comedy is in this joint, but Eminem is nowhere to be found. Proof spits, “And all these kids makin’ fun of ya trench coat…that’s how students get shot up.” This is definitely a head-bobber, but we can’t say the same for a-side. [Jeff]

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