D.J. Ace and Much Finesse Tear It Up Old School Style

D.J. Ace and Much Finesse ReviewYou can hear New York in D.J. Ace and Much Finesse’s music, it’s that apparent they’re representing the East Coast. “Meant To Be” featuring Godchild’s Amanda Rains and Dianna Porter has that Neo-Soul vibe going on with a base in reality. They pick up the pace with “You Can’t Get Wit’ This” and have a more hip hop feel. It’s not Queen’s, but GIZA and D.J. Ace and Much Finesse to their thing with their own kind of “Pressure.” They drop the guest spots and just keep it simple with their selves on “Corner of the City” and they shine. It has a very old school hip hop aroma and you can’t argue that’s not a great way to come across. If you’re into old school hip hop that has a Neo Soul vibe at times, check out D.J. Ace and Much Finesse now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/djacemuchfinesse)

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