D-Edge, on The Edge of Greatness

d-edge-reviewD-Edge started out as a DJ on the radio and now has his sights set on having his songs spinning on the FM dials. Like a cat “9th Life” comes strong for you. You can hear the confidence in that one from the start and that plays over and out through the rest; like in the piano driven beginnings of “All Day” and the very hard “Controlled Substance.” You get a bit of a more laid back version of D-Edge with “How I Feel.” The pace and his delivery aren’t as BAM! It’s more of a chill free zone. His pal Smiley hops on “RockaBye” for a more upbeat track. It serves for a track that’d get you moving. If you like hip hop that’s chalked full of great beats and attitude, check out D-Edge ASAP. (https://www.mtv.com/artists/d-edge/)

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