D.A.B.’s Destined for Fame

D.A.B. ReviewD.A.B. is destined for Top 40. He creates songs that not only serve the hip hop community but beyond. “Home With Me” doesn’t waste any time getting things started. It’s a song that is bound to get the ladies going. Then he delivers once again with “Got Her Whipped.” In the sense that the energy is high, the same can be said about “Pow Pow” as well. You get a very Jason Derulo vibe with “Parties At Home” featuring D.A.B.’s bud Flawless. Wrapping things up is “Still Gone Stunt” pulls it all together and makes sure things end with a bang. If you like artists like Derulo and Chris Brown, then what are you waiting for? Get into D.A.B. now so you can say you were ahead of the crowd. (https://www.dabworld360.com/home)

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