A.D. Weighs: The Dirty Nerdy

A.D. Weighs ReviewIt’s no surprise that A.D. Weighs comes from Detroit. That gritty city produces some of the best hip hop has to offer. The emcees out of that area are always poised and in control. “Private Affairs” starts with this operatic string session and then it sounds like a slower paced Busta Rhymes comes through. With “Crows Feet & Reading Glasses” it starts like a an old blues song and has that loop throughout and really tosses a realistic tale in your face. Things get a little less serious sounding than the last two with the upbeat “Gullible Chick.” While those two made you think, this one offers up a little fun. We get back to the serious mode with “Ask Around,” but the bounce of the beat will keep the shoulders moving. If you want some hip hop that has a very sturdy footing, check out A.D. Weighs ASAP. (https://www.reverbnation.com/adweighs)

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