Copywrite- The High Exaulted

Copywrite- The High Exaulted

Porn Again was an incredible album, and you made a dope appearance on “Anti-Heroes”. How did you meet up with Cage and High & Mighty?

Good lookin, dog. I met Eon & Milo through Cage, and we met Cage through Bobbito.

Why the name Copywrite? Have you gone by any previous names before you were as well known as now?

For the time that I didnt have a rap name, I would tag my real name and draw [©] after it, so I figured, “Fuck it.”. Ain’t no one else gonna think about namin’ themselves copyright, so I spelled it copywrite to avoid confusion. Before that it was Lyrical Vandal, back in like ’91.

While we’re at it, let me ask one more about the name: What does the “78” after Copywrite mean?

I was born in ’78. Before that, the 7 symbolized God & the 8 stood for infinity.

What, or who, sparked your interested in MCing? And when did you realize this was more than just a hobby, and instead, a career?

I started MCing in Jakki’s basement with him, his brother and this other cat. We used to record ourselves makin’ skits and other dumb shit. One day we was just bangin’ on the table and started freestylin’ while we were recordin’. A lot of people in the neighborhood heard it and kept eggin’ us on to rhyme for them, so we got gassed to write rhymes. I really didn’t take it serious until we decided to drop the demo off to Bobbito. I still think you shouldn’t take it too serious. It stops bein’ fun at that point.

I know you’ve recycled a few times on mixtape tracks, and smaller guest appearances. But you also re-used a verse for “Bada Bing”. Is this because you feel not not too many people are actually hearing your radio performances, so it’s not much of an issue? And can we expect to recognize some other lyrics on your upcoming LP?

I didn’t re-use a verse. I re-used about four bars, and yeah, I did that ’cause I know theres a lot of cats that will hear my album that havent, and won’t, get a chance to hear the Where My Dogs At mix CD. So, yeah, I spit it on an official song. The whole album has all new shit. I got some shit for y’all.

While we’re talking about the release of your upcoming album, The High Exaulted, tell us a little about it. You plan on touring with the release?

Yeah, I plan on touring soon after the albums release.

Why have there been so many delays? Can you give us a certain date yet?

The delays are due to a few things. I’m picky as hell, so with a few joints I’d end up writin’ a hotter verse than one I had recorded on a song already, so I’d just exchange it. Also, the [Eastern Conferences distribution changes] had an effect on it as well. Nah, there’s not an exact date as of yet, but it’s lookin’ like [December or January].

As far as guest appearances and producers, who can we expect to be on the album?

As far as production: Mighty Mi, RJD2, Camu, Intalec and myself. As far as MCs go, all of MHz is on it along with the Smut Peddlers.

It’s obvious from just listening to your rhymes that you’d be a competitive battle MC. We haven’t seen you in major tournaments at all. Do you ever enter tournaments?

I like to battle, but all these set up, staged battles aren’t my thing. I’m more of a street battler. I been in these organized battles before (Columbus Hip Hop Expo) and I just have witnessed shit like prejudice judges hatin’ on me due to my race. Plus I’d rather walk up in a spot where there ain’t no judges, except for the nonbiased crowd. I don’t plan on hoppin’ in any battles with judges.

Kinda in relation to your comment on prejudice judges: You, Cage, Eon and other MCs you rhyme with are white. You’ll notice that since Eminem’s mainstream explosion and Blaze Battle airing on HBO that white MCs are a fad now. Do you think this is expanding hip-hop culturally, or is this another trendy attempt for big-label CEOs to fatten their pockets?

To me, if you rhyme, you need to be good. Period. White, Black, Latino or whatever. I don’t judge cats based on image or what they look like. Most white MCs that I know that are any good share a similar story.You know, the only white kid out the group growin’ up so he had to be extra nice. Others need to quit.

Since you’re in New York, I’ve got to ask about the World Trade Center incident. How has

that affected you? What is it like to go through Manhatten and not see two, landmark twin

towers that were there only days ago?

What happened in New York and DC was fucked up. It’s a scary time, for real. America has to get revenge on that bastard. I just hope no more innocent lives are lost.

Do you believe in what President Bush said during his speech on Tuesday night when he said, “…we’ll make no attempt to distinguish the persons who committed the act and the country that harboured them”?

I think it’s pretty fucked up to hold an entire country based on what a group of individuals have done. I admit, I have no clue how Bush intends on wiping out this organization, or Bin Laden, but for us to just start wipin’ out innocent mutherfuckers is insane. I definitly feel some sort of action should be taken immediatly, though, on Bin Laden, evidence or no evidence.

I remember seeing a picture on the front page of, and it had you along with fellow MHz crew holding guns in army fatigue. At this time, after what happened, it brings me to this question: Would you ever go to war if you had the chance?

I’m not tryin’ to go to war at all. I want to live a long life. Fuck war.

Hey, man, we wanna thank you for your time. We hope everything goes well with the upcoming album and touring that will come with it. Remind everyone about what’s coming up. When’s the album dropping, when will the Eastern Conference All-Stars Vol. 2 be dropping, and anything else you got for us hip-hop heads?

Good lookin’. Eastern Conference All-Stars 2 drops in October and The High Exaulted should be droppin’ sometime toward the end of this year. Peace to my crew.

interviewed by Jeff & Advance

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